Round One: CB & Mangled Baking Sheets

So, I’ve been in battle with this small kitchen from hell for years.  During this holiday season I’ve decided to give it a chance.  It may for all appearances look like the kitchen has won out and worn me down to surrender.  But, really not.

Initially, the kitchen had me thinking that way.  You know – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  But, the farmer’s daughter in me said, “No, not happening.”  I’m not resorting to “small cooking.”  Or, cooking fast junky stuff.

Yes, I could wallow in self-pity and say Farmer can’t afford to provide me with a bigger kitchen with a nice kitchen island and acres of counter space.  If only he didn’t have to rely on those stinking low milk prices for a non-existent income that really has been the case for 5 years, now going on 6 soon.

But, no, not happening.  I’m a doer, not a wallower.  A trait of a farmer’s daughter not easily lost or tossed aside.

While this small kitchen appears to be an innocent lemon, it can actually be a farm animal I know well about – a bull.  Well, being the experienced cattle woman I am, we’ll see about that!

Or so I thought until I tried to make some cookies for Christmas.  I let the culinary bull or CB for short (aka the small kitchen) catch me off guard.  I don’t know if it had to do with the very cheap, low quality baking sheets or my being exhausted after weeks of preparation for Farmer’s total knee replacement surgery and letting CB overwhelm me.

Let’s say the cookies looked great until I tried to get them off the baking sheets.  And, yes, I did grease the sheets well before placing the cookie dough on them.

Rather than let CB trample all over me with his inferiorly shod baking sheet hooves, I got rather aggressive.  Choosing not to cower under the kitchen table, I decided to grab CB by the horns and ride him despite his sorry state.

Farmer was resting in his recliner nearby with his leg propped up post surgery, when he heard quite a clatter.

Needless to say, CB wasn’t very pretty when I got done with him.

After I cleaned up shards of cookie and mangled baking sheets, I decided to let the dust settle between CB and me until I mustered enough ambition to bake another batch of cookies, using parchment paper this time, which turned out rather nice.

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  1. jenniferwise4heritagemakers says:

    Glad they turned out deliciously in the end! I can’t wait to see you post recipes here, too. 🙂 Thanks for joining #heartandsoullinkup

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