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Delightful Rhubarb Strawberry Squash

After making the Rhubarb-Strawberry Glazed Salmon, I accidentally found another way to reap the benefits of the now leftover Tastefully Simple Rhubarb-Strawberry Fruit Spread.

I had purchased acorn squash to accompany a planned meal’s entree, which for some reason I didn’t follow through on. So, I cooked the acorn squash.

One taste of the squash sans seasoning brought one word to my mind–blah. I recalled recipes for squash that incorporated brown sugar to sweeten the squash up. Then, I thought about the fruit spread.

The small kitchen soon turned into a culinary laboratory. Consulting Google in between adding the fruit spread and other ingredients, I tasted my way through the process until I got the result my taste buds desired. I would share with you what that is, but I’d rather you find out for yourself.

Click here to try this recipe. Don’t forget to comment below after you have tried it.

Rhubarb-Strawberry Delight

Lately to keep sane during these cloudy wintry Wisconsin days I’ve found myself spending more time in my small kitchen trying out new recipes. I didn’t realize how versatile Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread could be.

I was in the mood first of all to try out the Rhubarb Strawberry Glazed Salmon recipe in the Tastefully Simple 30-Meal Kit and the Fix-It-Fast 10-Meal Kit.  Besides, I had a craving for salmon. It didn’t hurt that a friend who also loves salmon happened to be visiting at the farm that afternoon. The more testers of this recipe, the merrier!

I’ve had salmon with cranberry in salad at a local restaurant but wasn’t quite sure how it would pair with rhubarb and strawberry together in the form of a fruit spread sitting on top of a salmon fillet.

So, after I took the fruit spread glazed salmon fillets out of the oven, I really hoped they tasted as wonderful as they made the kitchen and dining area smell. This smell really made the salmon-loving friend eager to try a serving, and he didn’t want to go anywhere until he was served.

I was delightfully surprised. As was my friend who not only loves to fish but loves to eat a lot of it.  He said this recipe brought out the salmon flavor in a different way. A “good different” as he put it. He commented further that while rhubarb-strawberry wouldn’t work well with other types of fish, it’s a perfect match for salmon. He thought this recipe was a nice change from the way the salmon he has eaten is prepared.

If you’d like to try this recipe, click here.  Recipe and photo courtesy of Tastefully Simple.


So I Disappeared For A While

It’s been weeks since my last post. The small kitchen didn’t swallow me up whole and spit me out.

Rather, I chose to literally live in the kitchen and only crawled out when I had to do laundry and activities of daily living, take Farmer to his physical therapy appointments and then eventually go back to the job after a week off and accepting an offer for a new job, same clinic.

What a ride it’s been.

But, I’ve come out of the kitchen unscathed, armed with recipes and ideas to share.

Now that the son who used to eat a lot is out of the household, I’ve noticed it’s become a challenge to take my cooking down a notch. I think it needs to be downsized to the size of my kitchen.

While this is great for the food budget, it sure has put my meal planning habits out of whack. I’m used to batch cooking a week’s worth of meals. I found out in a short time meals do not disappear like they used to.

Plus, I got into a meal planning rut. I plan for 2 weeks at a time, making a trip to the local Walmart grocery once very 2 weeks because I absolutely hate grocery shopping. Now that I can shop from my Walmart grocery app on my iPhone, that has become more tolerable.

Back to the meal planning rut, I think I may have conquered that.

It all started when I was invited to a Facebook Tastefully Simple party. I had no clue what Tastefully Simple was until then. Now I wished I knew about it sooner.

What got my undivided attention was the meal kits. I just had to try them. I just had to get on board and be all in, so I became an independent consultant.

I got going on the 30-meal kit right away, after informing Farmer and our son who lives here yet that they would have to be my culinary guinea pigs and test these meals out. The photos of the meals included the kit sealed the deal.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine became a partner in this 30-meal kit test project, after discussing it with her husband. Again, the photos of the meals got her on board. In her words, just looking at them was enough to make her want to salivate. She wanted that 30-meal kit ASAP.

So, almost 30-meals later and then some planned out, I believe I’ve got this meal planning rut smoothed out. The same can be said for my friend who just told me that the kit was a success for her too.

I took lots of photos of the meals I made and took notes along the way. Can’t wait to share this with you … another day, another time as it’s late.