Delightful Rhubarb Strawberry Squash

After making the Rhubarb-Strawberry Glazed Salmon, I accidentally found another way to reap the benefits of the now leftover Tastefully Simple Rhubarb-Strawberry Fruit Spread.

I had purchased acorn squash to accompany a planned meal’s entree, which for some reason I didn’t follow through on. So, I cooked the acorn squash.

One taste of the squash sans seasoning brought one word to my mind–blah. I recalled recipes for squash that incorporated brown sugar to sweeten the squash up. Then, I thought about the fruit spread.

The small kitchen soon turned into a culinary laboratory. Consulting Google in between adding the fruit spread and other ingredients, I tasted my way through the process until I got the result my taste buds desired. I would share with you what that is, but I’d rather you find out for yourself.

Click here to try this recipe. Don’t forget to comment below after you have tried it.

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