6 Small Kitchen Must Haves

There are some kitchen tools I absolutely can’t cook without in my small kitchen. I discovered these during the first couple months of embarking on this journey with you.

  1. Pampered Chef salad chopper. If you can find a multi-purpose tool worthy of taking up some small kitchen real estate, this tool is worth considering. You can chop salad and salsa ingredients. I find it’s most useful for pulling apart meat like chicken, beef and pork without a lot of hassle. Its titanium-coated stainless steel blades can handle this.
  2. Pampered Chef Quick Cooker. It replaces appliances taking up space in your already cramped kitchen cupboards and counter tops. This sits on my counter tip ready for cooking that involves steaming, slow cooking and cooking rice or whole grains. Pressure cooking is a breeze. You can even cook up chicken while its frozen. There are settings also for beef/pork, fish/seafood, soup/stock, beans, stew/chili and dessert. I even cooked up boiled eggs in this while I had it out.
  3. Pampered Chef silicone prep bowl with cover. I don’t have to worry about burning myself taking the bowl out of the microwave after heating ingredients mixed up in this bowl. The cover with the bowl allows convenient storage of dips in the refrigerator. Most beneficial is how the silicone allows ease of transferring heated up gooey ingredients to another container without any sticky residual in the bowl.
  4. Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Scraper. This is another great silicone product that can withstand heat. What impresses me most is how I can use it to fold in and scoop out ingredients from a hot skillet with ease. There are comparable silicone scrapers on the market, but this one I feel has them beat. It has a deeper indentation to it that holds ingredients in better during folding/scooping. Tomato products will not stain this scraper either.
  5. Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop. I can’t go without this when crumbling up browned ground beef. Hamburger Helper issued a tool similar to this. You get what you pay for though. I find that the closer proximity of the blades on this product performs better.
  6. Bosch Compact Kitchen Machine. I thought the KitchenAid mixer I had was top of the line until I learned about this little powerhouse distributed by L’Chef. It can not only mix up what the full size KitchenAid can but also replace a couple other appliances taking up space–a blender and food chopper/processor. It weighs a lot less. Surprisingly, its bowl has the same capacity as the bowl for the KitchenAid. I’ll be writing more about this little gem in time to come.

Want to find out more about these must haves? To purchase Pampered Chef products, click here. For L’Chef or Bosch, click here.

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