Bacon Deviled Eggs

This past Easter I thought I would try making deviled eggs, especially since I got a special accessory for my Pampered Chef Quick Cooker that allows 12 eggs to be hard boiled at once.

Online, I’ve seen instances where people just pile in eggs beyond a dozen in InstaPots. But, since this was kind of experimental on my part, 12 eggs could be plenty. They could be plenty good as a result or plenty bad.

Fortunately, cooking eggs in the Quick Cooker worked out better than expected. Unlike the traditional boiling eggs in the pot method, removing the shells was not that traumatic of an experience.

The shells slipped off without a lot of effort. To me this was huge. Removing shells from boiled eggs does not bode well with me to begin with. Past experiences resulted in frustration about the pitted surface of eggs after trying to poke fragments of shell off.

While the eggs were cooking, I hunted for a recipe from cook books and online. I found a recipe in a cook book for stuffed eggs using bacon and cheese. That sounded good, but I wanted the egg yolk mixture to be without the bulk of bacon and cheese.

Though I wanted the traditional creamy egg yolk mixture consistency, I yearned for ingredients that would add some kind of wow factor. I wanted the person eating these stuffed or deviled eggs to be surprised with the unexpected.

Suddenly, the use of Tastefully Simple’s Bacon Bacon came to mind. This would add that bacon flavor without the bulk. I was fortunate to find a recipe on the Tastefully Simple web site. I did bump up the amount of mayonnaise and used a spicy honey mustard like that made by Mustard Girl, which I felt complemented the Bacon Bacon well.

The result was more than “plenty good.” Needless to say, the dozen eggs that resulted in 24 stuffed egg halves didn’t last. Within hours, they disappeared without a trace.

Though the recipe rating was 0 stars at the time I found it on the Tastefully Simple web site, I would definitely give it 5 stars and make this again.

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